A warm welcome to you. There is nothing a writer appreciates more than readers. So, thank you for being here and for reading my work. I mean it.

I’ve got a thing for revisions and retellings.   Perhaps because in rewriting or even just reconsidering deeply entrenched stories, classics or famous myths, I get to tap into a delectable premise. That I –and you–don’t have to take anyone’s word as final.  That we can better appreciate or disagree or behold or heckle and most of all, safely talk back!  And in this talking back we might engage a secret, tiny (ok, ant-like, but still) free-will, door-kicking, sunglass-wearing, hair-let-loose, inner-agency that wants to bust out of our skin.  We need nuanced stories that smack of real life and let us breathe.


It started when I began reading biographies of Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman underneath my favorite pine-tree and my mom bought me “herstory” cards before I was even 10 years old.  I never stopped wondering just why I didn’t know more about more women like them?

After all, I was a girl in want of strong beautiful tender-hearted role models.

Plus, I already had a habit of asking weird writerly questions….

Why do I write about–and find myself wanting to talk back to myths?  Let us reflect for a moment on myths, stories, movies and soundtracks…because if we are on the hunt for the central litmus tests that send us to the root of our hungers, derail our intentions, and yet might still airlift our psyches from that butt-kickin bull-ride through the throat (re: what we do lined up against what we say)—dear reader, it’s time to take note. I believe it is mythology, ancient and modern, the heroines and three-headed dragons inside of us, the stories, songs and images we ingest, embody and reflect every day from the time we are toddlers, passed down for millennia, where we can find not only entertainment but a wobbly road to enlightenment.

Here are  my two current book projects, The Triple Goddess Trials and The Unknown Alchemist.


Acclaim and Writing Samples

Kimberly Nagy’s writing connects modern life to universal stories with a voice that is a breath of fresh air. She brings on the moxie and breaks open dangerous and entrapping narratives for women (and men too).  In Triple Goddess Trials she weaves complex, down-to-earth stories that combine kitchen table conversations with magical realism and a historian’s touch. It’s no wonder that her work as an editor and writer has won awards for making a difference. – Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards


Aphrodite and the Lightbulb Factory: Here’s a myth-expo of Aphrodite, who in my view has a whole lot to teach us (me, anyway) about snort-out-loud laughter and pleasure…along with true compassion and forgiveness. Warning: Watch what you throw out with the bath water!


Kali’s Ancient Love Song

Kali’s Ancient Love Song: In search of a parenting manual that didn’t make me feel like an utter failure OR as though I were gasping for breath in a python-choke hold of cliches (oh I mean advice…), I first wrote this column when my daughter was four years old.  Warning: Kali wears a necklace of severed heads, one of which might look a whole lot like my ego taking a pounding–BUT, in the process, learning about the devotion and understanding that makes life worth living–and is mandatory in Kali’s formula for true love.



I am a writer who covers women’s issues, lifestyle, arts and culture, and literary fiction and nonfiction.

My coverage can be broken down into the following categories:

Women’s Issues, Relationships & Parenting

Arts & Culture, History and Music

Lifestyle, Health (and Pets!)

Literature and Literary Activism

Business, Science and Entrepreneurship

“I’ve hired Kim on many occasions to write for my site webvet.com. I find her to be incredibly thoughtful, creative and detail oriented, all of which are important when you differentiate your brand on your content. I can honestly say, she has been one of my favorite writers to work with! I would highly recommend Kim and will continue to work with her in the future!” – Hope Schultz, President and Editor in Chief, WebVet

Author’s Muse

Meet My Muse

Have you ever felt so absorbed in concentrated urgency that you can’t leave your chair but you somehow fly from your laptop huddle in Central Jersey to say, an ocean view from the Port of Gibraltar? Let’s up the ante. Book that flight in the 4th century AD. The muse is just such a vehicle.  …

Juggling the Creative Life? Kimberly interviews Virginia Woolf for some writerly advice

When I officially became a writer and editor, formalizing the fact of my vocation on my business card, I kind of stopped writing. Of course, on the surface, my most cherished dream began to materialize all around me… I’d worked in the publishing world for over ten years, but now I was writing for a …

How a Literary Magazine Grew into a Publishing Business

Beyond the Glass Ceiling | Women, Collaboration and how two women grew a successful publishing company from grass roots October, 2014: Princeton, NJ: When Wild River Consulting & Publishing, LLC, owners Joy Stocke and Kim Nagy first met for coffee in 2005, neither could have predicted how their futures would merge. Fueled by a passionate …


“Kimberly’s writing is like a breeze filled with ancient fragrances – like incense in Carl Jung’s study. Yet, her work also strikes me as an emerging kind of feminism – rooted in primordial wisdom and myth not trapped in a modern battle with frenzied materialism – though Kimberly is clearly armed and dangerous.”
– Michael Carroll, author of Awake at Work, The Mindful Leader and Fearless at Work

Ilona Nagy is an author, editor and professional storyteller. She is the founder of the internationally renowned online journal, Wild River Review, a role in which she has become well versed in editorial management, mentorship, strategic outreach, web technology and social media promotion.

Nagy regularly trains authors and business groups on integrating social media in their public relations and marketing outreach efforts. Whether you are looking to gain a larger audience or more clearly communicate your brand through social media channels, Nagy can deliver clear and constructive suggestions that will help your brand reach its strategic goals.

Nagy received her BA in history at Rider University where she was influenced by professors who stressed works of literature alongside dates and historical facts–as well as the importance of including the perspectives of women and minorities in the historical record. During a period in which she fell in love with writing and research, Nagy wrote an award-winning paper about the suppression of free speech during World War I, and which featured early 20th century feminist and civil rights leader, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Nagy continued her graduate studies at University of Connecticut, Storrs, where she studied with Dr. Karen Kupperman, an expert in early contact between Native Americans and the first European settlers. Nagy wrote her Masters thesis, focusing on the work of the first woman to be accepted into the Connecticut Historical Society as well as literary descriptions of Native Americans in Connecticut during the 19th century. Nagy has extensive background and interest in anthropological, oral history and cultural research.

After graduate school, Nagy applied her academic expertise to a career in publishing, in which she worked for two of the world’s foremost publishers—-Princeton University Press and W.W. Norton—as well as at Thomson, Institutional Investor Magazine, Routledge UK, and Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

Mapping out marketing plans for thousands of books, Nagy has a deep understanding of individualized niche marketing and publicity for books ranging from general interest to religion and philosophy books. On top of marketing and publicity, she has direct experience in editorial management for corporations, publishers, state agencies, and nonprofits. Combining her love of writing, editing and publishing, Nagy now helps her clients discover, rediscover and deepen their authentic voice as well as sculpt good ideas into refined, structurally-sound articles, essays, brochures, and book-length manuscripts (among other written communications) with a keen eye toward marketing and social media opportunities. Nagy has worked for authors, publishers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and universities alike.

Praised for her literary yet down-to-earth style, Nagy is the author of the column (and forthcoming book) Triple Quest, a mythology/memoir that draws on the divine feminine archetype, phases of the moon, and timeless stories (Medea, Aphrodite, Kali and Syrinx to name but a few) to shed light on women’s experiences in the modern world. Readers have called Nagy’s work “thought-provoking,” “funny,” “deeply important” “inspiring” and “real.”


Tiffany ShlainKimberly Nagy’s writing connects modern life to universal stories with a voice that is a breath of fresh air. She brings on the moxie and breaks open dangerous and entrapping narratives for women (and men too).  In Triple Goddess Trials she weaves complex, down-to-earth stories that combine kitchen table conversations with magical realism and a historian’s touch. It’s no wonder that her work as an editor and writer has won awards for making a difference.  
Tiffany Shlain, founder of the Webbys and Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards

Kimberly’s writing is like a breeze filled with ancient fragrances – like incense in Carl Jung’s study. Yet, her work also strikes me as an emerging kind of feminism – rooted in primordial wisdom and myth not trapped in a modern battle with frenzied materialism – though Kimberly is clearly armed and dangerous. – Michael Carroll, author of Awake at WorkThe Mindful Leader and Fearless at Work

I don’t know how Kim does it. She manages to bring ancient mythology to modern-day readers in a way that’s not only educational, but downright engaging. Straddling the lines between the literary and the mainstream, she writes for every woman. No matter who you are or how you self identify – mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, lover, wife, whatever – it’s as if she’s talking directly to you in her Triple Goddess Trial columns. Along with her deft abilities as an author, she also brings versatility to the table. One of the few writers and editors I know with both right and left brain competencies, she is adept in the corporate world, facilitating workshops on craft, managing and promoting clients, guiding them through the writing process, and doing it all with grace and finesse. She’s a true advocate, coupling her authors’ best interests with her knowledge of writing as both an art form and a business in moving the dial towards publication. I know because I’m one of them. – Jill Sherer Murray, Author and TEDx speaker, The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go

Kim is the consummate “writer’s editor.” In my experience, her main goal has always been to get the best possible work out of her writers.
– Paul Sweeney, Senior Contributing Writer at Institutional Investor

I have worked with a number of editors across my own writing life, and Kim is–far and away–one of the top two in terms of expertise, ability to support and listen, and willingness to put out the extra effort that brings trust and an excellent outcome. – Emma Lapsansky, Emeritus Professor of History at Haverford College and Co-Author of Struggle for Freedom: A History of African Americans (Penguin). 

I highly recommend Kim Nagy for writing, editing and publishing projects. She is both talented and dedicated, and would add significant value to any project.Brian O’Connell, Business/ Finance writer at TheStreet, US News, CBS, and others.

Kim is one of the brightest individuals who has edited my work. She skillfully brings out the best in my work and in the work of other writers. She is pleasant, patient, growth-inspiring, and direct. – Gerri George, Fiction Writer 

Kim has shown remarkable creativity and talent as a writer, editor, and manager at the Wild River Review. Her writing is on display in Triple Goddess — incisive, thoughtful, distinctive, lovely prose style. As an editor, she shows excellent taste, judicious judgment, and she knows when to intervene in a piece and when to let the writer be her- or himself.  And as one of the guiding lights of Wild River Review, she has shown great organization, ability to prioritize a dumpsterload of tasks, and the ability to manage people and attract diverse and often difficult colleagues (i.e., writers) toward shared goals. I recommend her enthusiastically.  – John Timpane, Features Department, The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Kim’s editorial savvy and experience enables her to put out one of the best written literary journals on the Net. Working with her on crafting an article, I was able to see how she brought to light the strengths of what I was writing.– Mark Hillringhouse, Professor at Passaic County Community College 

I was incredibly impressed with her editing skills. Kim is a true collaborator and I have no doubt that she lent my work greater strength and clarity. It’s rare to find an editor so respectful of the writer’s voice, and so helpful in the editing process. – Kathryn Rosko, Director of Communications, Princeton Day School 

Kim produced a fascinating series of Q & As with some of the artists participating in the weekend. Her tight intros framed the conversations beautifully and helped readers drop into the weekend without having in-depth, prior knowledge about the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative.
– Alison Buchbinder, Resnicow Schroeder Associates 

An author is only as good as his editor. Fine editing is often invisible to readers, but it’s a craft that is essential to the most readable books. Kim Nagy provides a deeply valuable service and stands out to me as one of the most talented developmental editors in a crowded industry. She has made a big difference in my work. I call her a book whisperer because she has a nose for identifying problem areas and honing in on solutions that are steeped in craft, a trained eye and a writer’s passion. Moreover, Kim’s background as a publicist ensures that writers think about their audience well before his or her book reaches the shelves. I recommend her services very highly.Mark Lyons, Director of Philadelphia Storytelling Project

“Kim’s writing, research, and interviewing skills are simply superb. We have worked with Kim on several occasions and have always been pleased with the quality of her work, as well as her dependability and professionalism. — Michael P. Ditchkofsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, Yardley Research Group   


Kimberly Nagy of Wild River Consulting & Publishing was an incredible guide when it came to navigating the tricky waters of nailing my first TEDx talk. Kim is a genius at mining the writer’s mind. She used her extraordinary skills to help me hone my idea, write a compelling narrative for marketing purposes, and create a powerful through-line for my talk. Of 25 speakers, only two got standing ovations and I was one of them. Kim is more than simply talented, she’s a find.
Jill Sherer Murray, Client, TEDx Talk

Kim was an excellent marketer of Routledge’s philosophy list, one of the biggest lists at Routledge. She was always efficient, commercially astute and enthusiastsic about the books, and grasped the multi-faceted nature of our markets quickly.
Tony Bruce, Senior Publisher at Routledge

A creative thinker, Kim designed a professional marketing strategy for the PR and launch of my novel, producing a comprehensive and outstanding media kit, which she constantly updated with news events and reviews. Using her brilliant writing skills, …she wrote customized Press Releases that targeted specific audiences through a variety of media outlets, one of which enabled my book to be positively reviewed by Publishers Weekly. Persistent in her follow through, she generated press coverage in local newspapers and markets while placing a relevant OP ED article in a major newspaper…  – Marina Gottlieb Sarles, author, Last Daughter of Prussia

In a word, Kim is a powerhouse. Passionate, laser-focused, Kim brings a refreshing vigor to the task of connecting story to brand. She is well-versed in every nuance of marketing and public relations and works with an impressive and sincere wellspring of passion and enthusiasm. I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with her on the creation of various media kits, promotional videos, email marketing campaigns and social media efforts. She is a sheer joy to work with and a force to behold. – Denise Petti, Creative Marketing Alliance 

Kim is a modern day Renaissance woman, a publisher, writer, strategic thinker and public relations professional who I’ve seen make a crucial difference for businesses as well as authors. Passionate, persuasive, detail-oriented and experienced, she has the ability to distill complicated concepts into powerful copywriting for any kind of business communication need. With widespread press contacts and a consistent reputation for excellence, I’ve also repeatedly seen Kim land her clients key press clips, effective messaging, important speaking engagements, as well as boost their social media visibility. I recommend her highly. Marianne Rosato-Romano, Owner of Mountaintop Marketing

Kim provided us exactly the extra support we needed on a special project-a detailed, well-researched marketing analysis on a deadline. The resulting report was invaluable in helping us land a much-coveted author. — Catherine Bernard, Senior Editor, Taylor and Francis


Kim has an incredible ability in helping clients realize their talent and potential. She quickly and effortlessly uncovers & gives language to that which is needed to move forward to accomplish one’s career goals. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to make positive career changes. Marianne Romano

Kim brings something joyous, deep and remarkable to a writer’s process, and she is an excellent facilitator! Her recommendations are helping me build my Author’s Platform, and her insights into promotion of the written word, and the writer are invaluable. She has down-to-earth, practical knowledge and is a world-class communicator. Thank you, Kim, for your time and expertise. Dylene Cymraes, Author of Moving Home

Kim was an indispensable part of my learning process during an internship with Wild River Review. She made me feel welcome at all times, asked for my opinion readily when presented with both company and literary puzzles, and worked with me to develop and hone my professional skills. I can’t imagine having trained with anyone else, and I’ve been blessed to continue our friendship over the years. Kim is dedicated, hardworking, and has an incredible talent for getting to the root of a story. Sharon Parker, Marketing Coordinator at Scandinavian American World Tours

Since becoming involved with Wild River Review in 2008, Kim has been a devoted mentor. She has taught me how to structure lengthier stories, keenly edit my own pieces, and, above all, write with confidence and precision. Beyond guiding my development as a writer, Kim has exposed me to social media strategies and some of the business concerns in digital publishing, all of which has added dimension to my understanding of the industry. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Kim will surely see themselves grow. Paulina Reso, Former Associate Editor at Philadelphia City Paper 

I have placed several English 491 writing and publishing interns at Wild River Review. Kim has been my chief contact. For my Rider student interns, working under Kim’s supervision has not only given them insights into how and why publishing ventures succeed, but also has taught them how to research and structure articles for publication, how to edit for content, accuracy and style, and how to manage their time. Mary Morse, Professor of English, Rider University