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Kimberly Nagy

"I had the opportunity to work with Kim over a number of years and across various projects and her work was always very detail oriented, concise, and above the expectations of what I set. She was integral in writing copy to overhaul the Albright College ADP website and played a critical role in a marketing project that recently won a national marketing award. I would strongly recommend Kim for any writing/marketing project your company may be looking for."
- Kevin Ezzell, Director Accelerated Degree Programs at Albright College


Kimberly Nagy is an author, editor and professional storyteller. She is the founder of the internationally renowned online journal, Wild River Review, a role in which she has become well versed in editorial management, mentorship, strategic outreach, web technology and social media promotion. Nagy regularly trains authors and business groups on integrating social media in their public relations and marketing outreach efforts. Whether you are looking to gain a larger audience or more clearly communicate your brand through social media channels, Nagy can deliver clear and constructive suggestions that will help your brand reach its strategic goals.

Nagy received her BA in history at Rider University where she was influenced by professors who stressed works of literature alongside dates and historical facts--as well as the importance of including the perspectives of women and minorities in the historical record. During a period in which she fell in love with writing and research, Nagy wrote an award-winning paper about the suppression of free speech during World War I, and which featured early 20th century feminist and civil rights leader, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Nagy continued her graduate studies at University of Connecticut, Storrs, where she studied with Dr. Karen Kupperman, an expert in early contact between Native Americans and the first European settlers. Nagy wrote her Masters thesis, focusing on the work of the first woman to be accepted into the Connecticut Historical Society as well as literary descriptions of Native Americans in Connecticut during the 19th century. Nagy has extensive background and interest in anthropological, oral history and cultural research.

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After graduate school, Nagy applied her academic expertise to a career in publishing, in which she worked for two of the world's foremost publishers—-Princeton University Press and W.W. Norton—as well as at Thomson, Institutional Investor Magazine, Routledge UK, and Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

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Mapping out marketing plans for thousands of books, Nagy has a deep understanding of individualized niche marketing and publicity for books ranging from general interest to religion and philosophy books. On top of marketing and publicity, she has direct experience in editorial management for corporations, publishers, state agencies, and nonprofits. Combining her love of writing, editing and publishing, Nagy now helps her clients discover, rediscover and deepen their authentic voice as well as sculpt good ideas into refined, structurally-sound articles, essays, brochures, and book-length manuscripts (among other written communications) with a keen eye toward marketing and social media opportunities. Nagy has worked for authors, publishers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and universities alike.

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Praised for her literary yet down-to-earth style, Nagy is the author of the column (and forthcoming book) Triple Quest, a mythology/memoir that draws on the divine feminine archetype, phases of the moon, and timeless stories (Medea, Aphrodite, Kali and Syrinx to name but a few) to shed light on women's experiences in the modern world. Readers have called Nagy's work "thought-provoking," "funny," "deeply important" "inspiring" and "real."

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