Triple Quest Interviews

by Kimberly Nagy

The Triple Quest essay and interview series features will include interviews and essay subjects who inspire me–a word that literally means to fill with breath–as well as “fill with the desire to do something creative.”

Triple Quest will feature conversations with individuals who offer thoughts and viewpoints that, in my view, deserve longevity, and are from all backgrounds, religious persuasions and creative journeys. Whether they are speaking, writing, leading, singing, producing, painting, making films, cooking, inventing, exhibiting, digging up missing research, raising resilient children and grand-children, gathering others in community—-all of my interviewees want to pass a caring and vital part of themselves on to the next generation–through determination, study, grit, delight, focus and daring- that will endure not only past the next trend, but past their lives.

The slow web movement is about carving out a slower place and pace for ideas we want to that last (rather than chase) within the abundant information overload of a busy world. I don’t know about you, but in the blur of emails and posts, volleys I scroll through and participate in every day, I wanted to create a space to think about and uphold a series on my own role models of warm, authentic, wise grounded substance– right within the loud digital labyrinth that monopolizes our attention span, like a mosquito buzz at incessant dusk in my case. So, that’s the first goal.

The triple part of my quest has everything to do with considering past, present and future in my approach. Because, while “living in the present” is a tempting catch-phrase- it seems to come up frenetically short in a social media environment that can become a dangerous rabbit hole without context or focus. The format calls for interviewees to reflect on their past-talk about the present–and offer some words about how they’d like to imagine or re-imagine the future.