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Soul Food Got Soul Beauty

The quest for aesthetic beauty speaks to a profoundly human craving–the hunger to be seen and judged worthy of desire.


Joy of Yoga - article from Princeton PacketThe Joy of Yoga. Princeton Packet. Tuesday, March 11, 2003. P9A, 12A.

“Yoga creates a quiet place for people to feel the silence within themselves and, in doing so, remember who they are.” Deborah Metzger


Honey Brook Farm
Down on Honey Brook Farm

“Welcome to the era of food activism,” announces the WorldWatch Institute(an independent research organization based out of Washington, D.C., which focuses on the 21st century challenges of climate change, resource degradation, population growth, and poverty). “More than ever before, how we farm and feed ourselves is how we change the world around us.”


Enchanting Cats - WebVetEnchanting Cats Through the Ages – WebVet

In ancient Egypt, the glance of a cat was believed to hold actual sunlight, while statues of cats were placed outside of homes to ward off evil spirits. A cat’s mere presence was thought to bring luck, love and healing.


music therapy for dogs imageMusic Therapy for Dogs – Webvet

Does your German shepherd bark uncontrollably when your neighbors mows their lawn? Is your boxer afraid of guests? You might want to head straight for your CD player.

robotic pet
A Brief History of Exotic Pets – Webvet

More “sensitive” and emotional than the monotone, hilariously repetitive Rags, today’s robotic pets exhibit biological cravings (hunger and sleep) and show their emotional preferences (many like to be stroked). But can we really program the inherently unpredictable behavior of real live (carpet-staining) animals? Can emotionally satisfying bonds between robots and people be formed?

paw print in the sandDealing with Pet Loss.

You might feel full of rage or completely numb with shock or simply feel the need to cry and/or talk. All of these are completely normal reactions. Dr. Susan Cohen, the director of counseling at the Animal Medical Center of New York, provides reassurance and advice for those struggling with pet loss.

pet cemeteryGrieving the Loss of a Pet: How Rituals can Help

Pet burial ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes and are tailored to the unique needs of each family, but some common themes stand out. The most popular choice for families is a memorial stone, followed by the choice of an urn for the animals’ ashes. Some pet owners organize live music or might even bring other live animals into the ceremony.

lady walking a dogHelping Seniors Cope with the Loss of a Pet

Pets also provide structure for those who are no longer working. So, it’s no surprise that contact with animals is especially good for the emotional and physical health of senior citizens. Here are some ways you might be able to help your elderly neighbor or grandparent after the death of a pet:

singing yellow bird - image in bio music article
Biomusic Growing in Popularity
Scientists in the exciting new field of “biomusic” are finding increasing evidence that both people and animals create and mimic notes, pitch and rhythm. In biomusic research, the differences and similarities between disparate sounds such as birdcalls, bonobo drumming, whalesong and mice “pitch” are investigated.

mom and daughter imageHelping Children Grieve Pet Loss

Most of all, let your child learn to handle sadness. It’s an important part of growing up.