Literature and Literary Activism

Edwidge DanticatCreate Dangerously: Profile of Edwidge Danticat

“Storytelling and oral tradition, was, when I was growing up, a strong part of how things were passed on. That’s what made me want to tell stories. It was a kind of gift. A moment where children and adults could interact in a free way.”

Virginia WoolfMeeting Virginia Woolf at the Strand – Essay

So, in my hunger to untangle the roots of tradition and socioeconomic belief, in my struggle to legitimize many a creative furnace in both women and men, I located one reflection of the divine feminine force of creativity in the works of the genre-defining novelist, brilliant literary critic and activist, who lived from 1882-1941, Virginia Woolf.

The New York Public Library at 100 – Essay

Kathryn Court, President and Publisher of Penguin Classics fell in love with the library on her first visit to New York in the early seventies. “It left a very strong impression on me, partly because the building was so beautiful, but more importantly because it was a truly democratic institution, open to anyone who wanted to read, to study, to write.”

Living the Dada Life: Andrei Codrescu Style: Essay

“Sixty percent of your body is electronic now. I don’t know how you can exist without dada. I can’t,” Andrei Codrescu said in the signature wry tone that continues to delight NPR listeners.


First Editions Second Thoughts imageFirst Editions, Second Thoughts

This is not just any collection of first editions. First Editions/ Second Thoughts (FEST), hosted by Christie’s Auction House on December 2nd, was conceived to raise funds for PEN American Center, the world-renowned organization that defends imprisoned writers and celebrates literature. The second initiative of its kind, the original First Editions/ Second Thoughts launched in 2013 to benefit English PEN through rare book sales at Southebys and raised $690K, including a healthy $230K sale of Harry Potter.